by the
California Haunts Paranormal
Investigation Team
Saturday, October 15, 10 a.m to 2 a.m.
Holbrooke Hotel-as seen on Dead Files

-First Contact
-Team Evolution
-Audio Analysis
-Image Analysis
-Hands on Labs
-Autonamimous Operation
-DIY Equipment and how not to inflict personal injury
-Q&A panel discussion Meta Physical
-Q&A Panel Discussion Scientific Method
This one-day event is aimed at those just
starting out in ghost hunting and at those who
wish to sharpen their skills.

Workshops are taught by investigators with
many years of experience who want to share
the knowledge they've gained.
For those who walk on the psychic side
of things we will be offering a dowsing
rod demonstration and class.
All dining and lodging is the
responsibility of the attendee.

We reserve the right to make
last-minute changes if necessary to
the day's events.
Single Price
$90.01 per person for full day
of events including ghost hunt
Medium Nancy Matz
Demonologist Sonia Brosz
Brandon Alvis of A.P.R.A.
Other Speakers/Instructors Include:

Charlotte Sanchez-Kosa-Owner of the California Haunts Team
Fred Schumacher-Tech Expert and Debunker
Julie Schumacher-Tech Expert
Stefanie Paige-Belson-Evidential Medium
Schedule of Events
Bring A
Friend Special
Buy one ticket at full price and
get the second ticket at half
price for a total of $135. A
savings of $45.01.