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California Haunts, located in Sacramento, California, the California
Gold Country, the Bay Area, Nevada and Texas is dedicated to the
investigation of alleged paranormal activity.  The team is dedicated to
“proof and truth” and goes through exhaustive measures to
investigate each alleged haunting.  By utilizing infrared monitoring
cameras, motion detectors, electro-magnetic frequency meters, tri-
field meters, thermometers, Internet resources and good, old-
fashioned research, the team makes every effort to understand why
the activity is occurring.

Our preliminary investigation involves the following steps:

1.    Interview all parties involved or affected, who are willing to talk to
2.    Research the history of the location;
3.    Use our electronic equipment to take scientific readings and
gather baseline data as we walk through the site.  If we find an
abnormality, team members will make every effort to find a logical
explanation for the abnormality;  
4.    Analyze the data that has been collected and could not be
considered a normally occurring event.

A full investigation will be scheduled after we’ve analyzed the data
collected at the preliminary investigation and determined that we
cannot explain the events that have been described by the witnesses
or that  we’ve witnessed personally.  The full investigation will involve
all team members and will be filmed.  If the owners of the location
would like our team sensitive to explain the phenomena in more detail
following the investigation, that can be arranged.
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